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About Us

About WingBurger Grill

Step in and indulge your senses in the aromatic blend of marinated meats and simmering sauces. At WingBurger Grill, we're taking Converse and its surrounding areas by storm with our delicious signature menu items as we believe in providing nothing but the freshest of flavors for you and your family.

We're talking about hot and savory burgers fresh off the grill, wings dripping with honey barbecue sauce, and slamming sides from Pub Fries to Mac & Jack guaranteed to hit the spot. We truly have something for everyone. Come on in and experience a hot meal with a cold drink and great company.

chef holding a bun preparing a burger in the kitchen
Chicken wings covered in sauce on checkered-pattern paper
Juicy bacon cheeseburger with lettuce in checkered-pattern paperbowl
Varieties of chicken wings in checkered-pattern paper bowl
Chef cooking flat burger on a girll
Person placing burger in checkered-pattern paper bowl
Onion rings in a deep fryer
Nachoes with melted cheese, scallions, and chicken on plate with checkered-pattern paper on plate wi
Deep fried mac n cheese balls in checkered-pattern paper bowl